ShowMaker admits he’s fallen out of love with LoL

League of Legends has taken a toll on the former World Champion.

Sometimes players lose the love and passion they once had for their favorite gameand the same can be said for former League of Legends World Champion Heo “ShowMaker” Su

The Dplus KIA mid laner admitted in an interview with Korizon Esports yesterday that he’s treating League as a job now instead of a passion like when he kicked off his pro career five years ago.

“Honestly? When I first debuted, it was 100 percent love and zero percent work. I did it because I loved League so much. But right now I would say League is 100 percent purely work,” ShowMaker said.

It’s hard to be surprised SnowMaker is taking this approach to his career after years of competing at the highest level. Devoting so much time to the game would take the passion away from anyone. But mental health issues are also a factor, according to ShowMaker.

“It [staying at the top for so many years] is tough. It’s very very tough. I don’t think I was a super healthy person to begin with. Now I have health problems all over,” ShowMaker said. “The nature of this profession is that it slowly erodes away your mental health, so it’s mentally tough, too.”

ShowMaker began his professional career in 2017 when he joined DAMWON Gaming, now known as Dplus KIA. He’s competed at four World Championships and won the LCK three times.

Despite loving his love for League, Dplus KIA are performing well in the LCK this split. They’re comfortably sitting in fourth place with a 6-3 record. ShowMaker will play his next match against SANDBOX on the weekend.

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