Shopify Rebellion is entering Dota 2 with the most-stacked lineup in NA

You know it is ex-EG now because they didn't sign an EEU carry.

Not even a day after officially announcing the team, Fly and the ex-Evil Geniuses roster have solidified themselves as the team to beat in North America after signing a rival teams star player and a sponsorship deal with Shopify Rebellion today. 

In what is likely the biggest total signing of the offseason, Shopify has entered Dota with the ex-EG lineup and plans to bring all of its players in-house at the orgs facility in Canada to play in the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit. In addition to the former EG members, the team also acquired SabeRLight from TSM on the final day of the roster shuffle. 

The deal with SabeRLight had been in the works for some time but only came together and was finalized at the last minute, according to Arteezy. Even the deal with Shopify came together very quickly, with relief only settling in for the star carry player once both deals were completed earlier today

With this team, Arteezy is confident that they have the talent to go toe-to-toe with anyone in the worldthough he noted he will only truly be confident in that fact once the team starts actually playing together. He likens it to EGs 2021 lineup that featured Iceiceice as the offlaner and was able to reach multiple grand finals at Major tournaments, with SabeRLight now taking the middle position for this new squad in that comparison.

In addition to that, despite snapping SabeRLight away from TSM, Arteezy is still wary of their NA rivalsnoting that their new lineup is still going to be very strong and could very well take a game off of them at any timealong with some of the new challengers rising up. He also jokingly blamed Quinn moving to Europe after Quincy Crews recent disbandment for the influx of talent, claiming he was the wall keeping everyone out and now people are going to try and take over. 

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At the end of the announcement stream, Arteezy also confirmed that the stacks temporary name Alameda 2018 was, in fact, a reference to EGs old training facility the Alameda House and had no direct relation to the ongoing FTX financial drama

The newly minted Dota division for Shopify Rebellion will begin its run in NAs Division I for the 2023 DPC season in January, with this lineup looking like an easy favorite bar TSM instantly clicking or a newcomer rising to the challenge.

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