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Shanghai Dragons confirms 8 players will be returning in 2022

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

After a wildly dominant 2021 season in the Overwatch League, its likely not surprising the Shanghai Dragons wont be making many roster moves before 2022 begins. 

The Dragons revealed the contract statuses of its remaining players on Oct. 4 and confirmed that eight players from the 2021 championship team would be returning next season. 

Shanghai exercised a team option on five players, including DPS Kim Fleta Byung-sun, DPS Lee WhoRU Seung-jun, off-tank Kang Void Jun-woo, main support Lee LeeJaeGon Jae-gon, and flex support Chengzhi Molly He. 

Three players, including main tank Koo Fate Pan-seung, flex support Kim Izayaki Min-chul, and Grand Finals MVP Lee LIP Jae-won, are still formally under contract for Shanghai. 

By enacting a team option on a player, the Shanghai Dragons can add an extra year to the players expiring contract. Thanks to this roster construction rule, teams can have the first claim over players before they become free agents. 

Rookie Chae Develop Rak-hoon was the only player let go from Shanghais roster. Two assistant coaches, Kim JFeel Jeong-min and Shin Dongsu Dong-soo, were also released from the team so they could pursue careers in head coaching.

Throughout 2021, the Shanghai Dragons were the most dominant team in the Overwatch League. The team took home two tournament titles in a row and eventually rolled through the upper bracket of the postseason to earn the 2021 title. 

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