ShahZam accuses Sentinels of breaking VALORANT roster spot promise for playing with Shroud

It's heating up on a Thursday night.

There’s nothing more momentous than VALORANT drama, especially in North America, and despite the start of the VCT still being over a month away, the scene is already heating up after a couple of the scene’s biggest names fire shots at each other.

What started off as just a silly Sentinels Twitter post about their “stratbook” last year, which they joked was just a roulette wheel with different iterations of ‘Tenz go do things’, quickly took a turn when a former Sentinels star in Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan seemingly shined some light on the team’s star-studded LCQ roster last year.

“Oh yeah, one time I spun the wheel and it landed on ‘please play with shroud, we dont care if you win just make it hype. well personally guarantee you a spot in franchising if you do’,” wrote the former Sentinels (now with G2 shotcaller), seemingly indicating that Sentinels’ decision to bring in the streaming superstar was more about clout than winning.

This did not appear to sit well with Sentinels’ CEO Rob Moore, who blasted his former player by alleging the veteran player had a poor attitude while wearing red.

“Its weird that since you left all you talk about is how you want to be with the organization,” Moore replied. “When for all of 2022 you behaved like you didnt want to be here. It seems like you have returned to the focus you had in 2021. If so, [G2 Esports] will be in great hands.”

Following that reply, ShahZaM doubled down on his allegation that Sentinels had the team play with Shroud as a “huge favor” and promised him a spot in the franchised roster. Moore replied he did not make that promise.

As drama and delicious banter tends to do, the exchange ignited NA VALORANT Twitter, with pro players, media and community members, and even other partnered orgs tweeting about the exchange between the Sentinels CEO and the former star.

With the state of the scene, G2 would have to reach the VCT Americas League via Ascension for ShahZaM to face off against his own team, which means it couldn’t happen until 2024 potentially. But what a match that would be.

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