Sex, war, and magic: Arcane season 2 will have it all

Happy birthday, Arcane!

Arcane co-creators Christian Linke and Alex Lee shared some interesting insights on the second season of the League of Legends animated series. To celebrate the first anniversary of the series, Riot Games established a series of activities around Arcane, starting with todays Reddit AMA with the two co-creators.

Arcane fans rushed to inquire about the second season of the series, but Like and Lee only shared a few bits of information about the future of Piltover and Zaun. The first season left fans with many questions about the characters and in particular those in Piltovers council room who were hit by Jinxs rocket. While their future is still uncertain there is a solid possibility that fans will see Mel Medarda once again, according to Alex Lee. While Jinxs attack aimed at canceling the whole council, some fan theories explain how Mel Medarda could have survived thanks to her shiny gold armor that reminds League players of the Hourglass of Zhonya or Leonas armor. 

The last episode of the series brought the storyline to a point of non-return, both in the personal evolution of Jinx and in the conflict between the two cities. When fans said goodbye to Powder they also had to salute the innocence and hope that she represented, remaining only with despair and anger hovering over the two cities. And the situation seems only to get worse in the second season of the series.  

Christian Linke used the word war to describe the second chapter of Arcane, somehow confirming that all the negotiations of peace and the councils vote to free Zaun all went up in smoke. The first nine episodes of Arcane tapped into the theme of discord and distrust between the two cities, but fans can now expect things to take a darker turn as a full-out war might break out.

But to bring balance to the animated series it seems that Arcanes creators will share some love with fans. One of the scenes that most surprised the viewers in season one was the love scene between Jayce and Meland that might not be the only one as Christian Linke teased fans with a maybe on sex scenes in Arcane season two. But if some might hope for a steamy scene between Vi and Caitlyn to finally dissolve the tension between the two characters, others have a wilder fantasy in mind, but it seems likely that the Piltover Enforcer will finally get a hold of her cupcake.

Love and war were the prime forces that led Arcanes main characters toward the final episode, but another crucial aspect of the first season of the series was magic. From Jayces savior to Victors obsession, magic permeated Runeterra and thus Arcane, and Lee confirmed that this aspect of the series will be seen in the future as well.

While it is still a mystery when the second season of Arcane will be released, it seems that Riot is slowly releasing more information on the future of Piltover and Zaun and their inhabitants. More information will most likely be released as the celebration of the first anniversary of Arcane proceeds.

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