Sett player showcases why building Lethality sometimes works in League

"Hey, uh, listen... My momma don't need to know about any o' this. 'Kay?"

Above all else, Sett is a juggernaut. He should normally build fighter items to be the strong frontline every team needs. But League of Legends players love breaking the rules and finding new builds that are fun, just like this Sett player who showcased why building Lethality on the champion works.

Sett is a full-blown juggernaut who typically builds Heartsteel, the Blade of the Ruined King, and tops that off with Deaths Dance or Force of Nature, depending on the enemy teams main source of damage. But this player clearly doesn’t care for meta or the most optimal builds as they opted for the Hail of Blades keystone paired with a Lethality buildProwlers Claw, the Collector, and Lord Dominiks Regards. 

They also shared an incredible play featuring this build. In a clip posted on Reddit, we see the player defending the Inhibitor turret on the bottom side of the map against four players from the enemy team. 

As enemy Volibear looks to engage on him, Sett uses his Show Maker and hurls the bear onto his team. This chunks the enemy team fairly, but they are still standing. Then, Sett uses his Knuckle Down and Facebreaker, taking heavy damage and filling up his Grit bar. Then, we see our hero flashing away and using a fully stacked Haymaker on the enemy team that finishes the entire enemy team off. 

Before you jump onto Summoners Rift with Prowlers Claw and the Collector, bear in mind this is a situational build that might not be ideal in all of your games. Instead, you should take both your and your enemy’s teamcomp into consideration and then decide if youre free to have a bit more fun.

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