Seraphine has a whopping 56 percent win rate as bottom lane carry in League Patch 12.12

"I'll fight if you make me, but we could sing instead."

If you’ve been running some League of Legends solo queue recently, you might have run into an AP carry Seraphine in the bottom lane. Her singing will captivate you, her dancing will inspire you, and she’ll dominate Summoner’s Rift all at the same time with one of the highest win rates in the game.

Runeterra’s resident songbird currently has a 56.4 percent win rate in Platinum rank and higher through 21,000 games played, according to U.GG. Her resurgence kicked off when Riot Games released the highly praised durability update that increased overall health across the entire champion pool, while also lowering the ability of one-shots and burst. As a result, her healing and shielding can keep an entire squad healthy in an extended teamfight.

Her strength lies in the sheer amount of crowd control and utility that she brings to any team composition. Whether it’s her massive ultimate ability, her double-cast root, or her long-ranged poke, laning against Seraphine can be unbearable since you constantly have to dodge and weave while you try to farm successfully.

It also helps that she’s being paired with Senna, who has become one of the premier picks for supports in both pro play and solo queue. The Redeemer currently has the highest pick rate of any champion in the role, while also boasting a 52 percent win rate, according to U.GG.

Alongside Seraphine, Senna helps enable some of her abilities so they can combo their crowd control one after another. She can also focus on poking out opposing laners during the early game while still dealing a ton of damage later on, and the double healing will make it almost impossible to win a trade unless the enemy duo goes for an all-in situation.

For anyone who has gained a new hatred for the Piltovan popstar, don’t fretRiot is planning to nerf her and Senna in an upcoming micropatch. Details haven’t been revealed about the patch just yet, but they should help curb her recent upswing on Thursday, June 30.

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