Seoldam headlines DetonatioN Gaming’s VALORANT roster for 2023

Next year will definitely be exciting.

VALORANT Champions 2022 came to an end almost a month ago and the VALORANT offseason is already in full swing with numerous changes on the way. On Oct. 24, DetonatioN Gaming shared its roster for the upcoming season 2023.

The roster for the upcoming season will feature Seo Suggest Jae-young, Ryumon Reita Oshiro, Tomoki xnfri Moriya, Anthem, Sang-min Seoldam Park, Shogo takej Takemori. The coaching staff will also star coach Hae-seong hsk Kim and Hirotaka Melofovia Okazak. 

Although the roster is, generally speaking, impressive and it will definitely be exciting what they have up their sleeves once the regular season begins, Seoldam easily stands out in the bunch thanks to his quick and snappy decision-making abilities, the aim that never misses, and dedicated fanbase that will continue to follow their favorite streamer. 

Other than Seoldam, it will be interesting to watch how this team will come together in clutch moments when team cohesion and synergy can make or break a play and, eventually, the game. Still, with this roster, DetonatioN Gaming has more than a solid start and their future seems promising.

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