Sentinels VALORANT pro Zellsis banned on Twitch, denies any wrongdoing

It was for the alleged use of hate speech.

VALORANT pro Jordan Zellsis Montemurro, who plays alongside Michael Shroud Grzesiek in the Sentinels roster, has been banned on Twitch for allegedly using hateful slurs.

He shared the news the moment it happened and seemed as shocked as anyone. WHAT THE FUCK? he said, sparking a furor on social media. At that point, he didnt know the reason.

Shortly after, he received an email from Twitch explaining why, and it turned out to be for the alleged use of hate speech, which he denied. I got banned for “hateful slurs or symbols, he said.

I assume it was for saying fuck it, and Twitch took it as me saying the other F word, he added, referring to a homophobic slur. He also confirmed it wasn’t because I was shirtless or streaming anime.

More to come…

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