Sentinels’ miracle run to VCT Playoffs relies on three improbable upsets

It's out of their hands now.

After an incredible series against FURIA on May 18, Sentinels still have a chance to make it to the VALORANT Champions Tour Americas playoffsbut their hopes have now been placed in the hands of three other teams.

In order for Sentinels to break into the VCT postseason, the team must cheer for three upsets to occur over the course of this weekend, starting with an Evil Geniuses victory over NRG. EG currently sits in fifth place with a 4-4 record, while NRG is in third, ahead of EG by a full series and two more map wins.

The next upset victory needed might be one of the most unlikely ones of the weekend, with Sentinels cheering for Leviatán against the top squad of the split in LOUD. With a 14-7 map record and a single series loss, LOUD has established itself as a true championship contender. LEV, on the other hand, is coming off of a lopsided 2-0 loss to Cloud9 and has tumbled down the ladder recently, sitting in sixth place just above Sentinels and barely in the playoff picture themselves.

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Lastly, Sentinels fans will be rooting for MIBR as they collide with 100 Thieves in the final matchup to watch this weekend. If this ninth-placed roster can pull together a series win to stop the Heist, then Sentinels’ miracle run will be complete, and one of North America’s most popular teams will have broken into the playoff picture.

This season has been a roller coaster for Sentinels fans after the roster struggled to find early success, on top of a handful of roster changes that made viewers doubtful of their postseason dreams.

But after some superheroic efforts from Zachary zekken Patrone and the return of Tyson TenZ Ngo, an incredible comeback story could be blossoming in front of our eyesbut only if they can get to the playoffs first.

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