Senna Q change set to release on League’s PBE soon

Preseason changes hit the Redeemer hard.

Following the changes to the keystone rune Glacial Augment in League of Legends recent preseason, Senna has struggled to live her fantasy as a support marksman. Luckily, buffs are incoming to help her at all stages of the game, regardless of her role in the bot lane.

Riot August, principal character designer for League and Senna’s creator, revealed that a large change to Sennas slow on her Q will be available for testing on Leagues PBE soon. This slow increase aims to make up for changes on how Glacial Augments slow activates, leaving Senna at a 2.23-percent pick rate in the support role in Patch 12.1, according to League stats site

Sennas Q will soon slow enemies by 20 percent, increasing based on both her AP and AD. Riot August didn’t detail whether the self-heal and ally heal associated with her Q will be changed at all alongside this increase in its slow. Senna will now also be able to activate her passive easier with her Q, pulling out the enemies souls to increase her damage and range on her auto attacks.

Though Senna was designed for the support role, her identity has shifted to more ADC-like gameplay after her release, with many bot lane strategies focused around fasting Senna that feed her large amounts of gold when accompanied by champions like Tahm Kench and Sona. But since the changes to Glacial Augment and the loss of a main keystone for Senna, her usage in-game has dwindled across all ranks, leading to the need for these buffs.

Riot August didn’t detail exactly when this Senna change is set to release on Leagues PBE, but it’s expected to be there soon. In the meantime, players can partake in the beginning of 2022s ranked season, which started last week alongside the release of details on the newest champion, Zeri.

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