Second verse: Liquid welcomes Nisha to Dota 2 roster as MATUMBAMAN retires

An in-region relocation.

Dota 2s The International 2022 was one of the most thrilling iterations of the event in terms of storylines. MATUMBAMANs last ride was one arc that fans followed closely throughout the event, and many wondered how Team Liquid would fill the void hed leave behind after finally hanging up his mouse and keyboard.

The answer to the question turned out to be just stealing another player away from Puppey, as Nisha was officially confirmed as Liquids final member today following his recent departure from Team Secrets TI11 runner-up roster.

Considering the number of available free agents in the roster shuffle season, Dota fans had a difficult time guessing who would be the final piece of the puzzle for Liquidespecially once some of the more popular names fell off the board. And it also didnt help that captain Aydin iNSaNiA Sarkohi shared a Finnish flag on Twitter, leading most to assume Topson would join Liquids ranks before the two-time TI winner later registered under a secondary OG squad.

Nishas departure from Secret caught many off guard as he had been one of the final constants of the roster after YapzOr went on an extended break last season and had competed with Secret since 2018. That lineup is where he rose from being a pubstar to one of the most respected players in the world. But as many of Puppeys young talents tend to do, he eventually left the nest for a rival roster.

As Liquid wraps up its lineup for the season, Nishas addition also calls for a role swap within the team. MiCKe will move over and hold the ropes in the safe lane while the teams newest addition will take over the mid lane.

Liquid will also start the 2023 season without one of its all-important coaches, with JerAx deciding to return to retirement as he doesnt enjoy the game the same way as I used to while playing for OG. Despite having a great time at Liquid and feeling at home, OGs legendary position four said something just didn’t click for him, which was mostly tied to the love he had for Dota.

The finalized roster of Liquid for the 2023 DPC season consists of the following:

  • Michael miCKe Vu Position One
  • Michał Nisha Jankowski Position Two
  • Ludwig zai Wåhlberg Position Three
  • Samuel Boxi Svahn Position Four
  • Aydin iNSaNiA Sarkohi Position Five
  • William Blitz Lee Coach
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