Season of taking: Apex Legends players call out Respawn, EA for greedy skin pricing and bundles

The spirit of giving doesn't seem to be alive in Apex.

Special events are the lifeblood of free-to-play games like Apex Legends. While the game allows players to explore expansive maps and partake in engaging combat for free, events frequently introduce limited-time modes that keep gameplay fresh, and also feature cosmetics that can be purchased which help the game make money.

Microtransactions are just an accepted part of FTP games at this point, as developers need money in order to continue justifying working on the game. But the latest batch of cosmetics for the Wintertide event in Apex has players accusing Respawn and EA of lazy, greedy monetization practices.

Normally, a new event means that players will have the option of unlocking all new skins for a fee. These skins arent required to play the game and dont offer any competitive advantage to players but are still valued for their relative rarity and simply for the sake of having a cool skin on your favorite character.

The Wintertide event, however, features event skins that are recolored versions of skins from previous events and battle passes. Respawn began reintroducing slightly altered and recolored versions of battle pass skins recently, as previously players could never get battle pass skins after the season that that battle pass was attached to passed. But usually, these skins have come in mini-store events in the Apex item shop, and not as part of a collection event, which is usually reserved for all new skins.

To make matters worse, this collection event includes the new Wraith Prestige skin, a high-profile cosmetic item that players can unlock by unlocking all of the other items in the collection event first. Since this is usually an expensive endeavor, players want the most bang for their buck in all the skins theyre unlocking. Unfortunately, this time around this will simply include several recolors that are sold for the same exact price as completely new skins.

In addition to the recolor debate, other players have noticed that some of the returning legend skins and recolors offered in the shop arent available for purchase on their own but are all bundled together with Apex packs or weapon skins that are far less desirable than the legend skins they come packed together with.

It all adds up to bloated price tags for players to get the items they want. And in a time typically labeled as a season of giving, Respawn and EA look far more like Scrooge this winter.

Added to the general discontent at seeing another Winter Express LTM recycled for another year and only minor changes added to the mode, and it seems like this is one of the more disappointing events in Apex Legends to date.

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