Season 15 of Apex Legends is now live, featuring Catalyst, Broken Moon, and more

Eclipse is here. Are you ready?

The new season of Apex Legends is here, and with it comes a new map and new legend for players to learn all the intricacies of.

Broken Moon, Apex’s first new map since the release of Storm Point in season 11, is the star of the show and will be the featured map in both ranked and normal battle royale matches at the beginning of the season. Not to be outdone, Catalyst also stands to force players to relearn several different aspects of playing the game, from her ability to negate enemy scans to her mastery around doors.

Doors have always been a vital part of Apexs combat flow since players frequently try to block them, heal behind them, kick them down, or use them to their advantage in some other way. Catalysts abilities lock, strengthen, and rebuild doors, adding a new wrinkle to players combat experience.

The descriptions that the devs have given both of Catalyst and of Broken Moon as a whole have frequently referenced changing the normal pace and flow of battles that players can experience with the current cast of characters on the games other maps. The new zip rail system creates an interconnectedness amongst the outer POIs on the map thats never existed on other maps, simultaneously opening up new rotation options for teams and trying to soften the impact of third parties.

Of course, many players will just want a couple of new spots where they can hot drop, and season 15 should have plenty in store for them on that front as well. The new POIs featured on Broken Moon look massive and can easily accommodate several teams looking for early fights.

Theres also the customary battle pass, new cosmetic items players can unlock like stickers, and a host of weapon changes that will shake the game up. All in all, its a season for people to figure out completely new and different ways to play Apex, and that can only be a healthy thing for the game. 

If you want to try out Eclipse, the newest season of Apex Legends, its available to play on all platforms now.

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