Seagull likens playing one Overwatch hero to stepping on LEGOs

Don't expect him to pick this hero.

Seagull might be one of the more gifted Overwatch 2 players youll find on Twitch, but theres one hero in particular that you wont see him play anytime soon.

Though the former OWL pro is known for boasting a large pool of heroes that hes more than capable of playing at a high level, his time as a professional was primarily spent playing heroes that used projectiles.

However, one fan asked if he might mix things up and jokingly suggested that he become a Sombra main, to which the former Overwatch League had a boldly sarcastic response.

I could also, you know, stub my toe on some LEGOs, he said. What else is really fun? Lose some finger nails. I dont know, [I could also] do some really fun and not painful at all things like maining Sombra Chat, lets be real. Where are all of the Sombra mains? And dont say its because theyre invisible. We know this, but also, really though.  

About a month into Season Three, Seagull has spent most of his time in competitive playing Torbjörn, Mei, Hanzo, and Symmetra, according to stats acquired from Overbuff. Hes played all three DPS heroes for more than two and a half hours each. So far this season, any time he has needed to swap away from a projectile hero, Seagull has used either Reaper, Bastion, or Soldier: 76.

Talking to his viewers again today, Seagull admitted that Sombra and Tracer are the two characters that he doesnt feel as comfortable playing before adding that Sombra is one of the worst characters in the game.

It seems like a lot of gamers share Seagulls feelings about Sombra as well. While the Mexican hacker was viewed as powerful headed into Overwatch 2, she was struck with nerfs in the first balance patch of the game and has been one of the least-picked heroes since. Over the past three months, Overbuff lists her as the least-picked character in the game among PC players in competitive, and her pick rate on console isnt much better.

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