SEA Dota Pro Circuit team accused of cheating after pulling off a series of impossible plays

Surely not under Valve's roof?

Its been a hectic day in the Southeast Asian Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) after a division two team were accused of cheating in a third-party tournament.

Team Flow, consisting of four ex-Summit players, were matched against another division two opponent, SPAWN Team. After winning the first match, Flow had a tough start to the second one, at least until a couple of miraculous plays.

At the 12-minute mark, SPAWNs Timbersaw tried to flee from Flows Batrider. Timbersaw got an assist from Mirana as he cast her ultimate, making him invisible. Considering Batrider didn’t have any detection items in his inventory, Timbersaws escape almost looked guaranteed to viewers.

As showcased in the video, despite not seeing Timbersaw, Batrider managed to retrace Timbersaws steps with 100 percent accuracy and landed the final blows to send Timbersaw back to his base.

The second clip also features the Batrider. With his team behind, Batrider approached the bottom lane to catch SPAWNs Naga Siren. Flows once again worked with zero vision of Naga in the area, and the illusionist carry decided to hide in the trees to avoid a potential gank.

Even after missing Naga with the Scan, Batrider instantly found where she was hiding in a single try, resulting in an advantageous pick up on SPAWNs core.

While the plays may have looked impressive as they happened on steam, a quick look at the replay of the match left the fans and competitors puzzled, wondering whether Team Flow were cheating.

Four players from Flow also have a history of cheating accusations, as they were once again suspected during their stint at Summit Gaming.

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