Scump’s first-ever CDL watch party viewership dwarfs official Call of Duty Twitch stream

The king retains his crown.

Scump’s first foray into his life post-competition in the Call of Duty League is off to a banger of a start.

The longtime OpTic pro is hosting his first-ever watch party of CDL competition, and the Ginja Ninja’s viewership is leading the way in the entire Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Twitch directory, dwarfing the official CoD channel itself.

Screengrab via Twitch

As the OpTic Texas vs. Seattle Surge match kicked off on Friday afternoon, Scump had more than 73,000 viewers compared to the CDL’s nearly 50,000.

Scump was joined on stream with special guests like OpTic’s H3CZ and MBoZe, but the real treat was listening to the former pro’s insights on the team that he was competing with as recently as last month.

Scump’s surprise retirement announcement came just this past Tuesday, leaving OpTic with a new roster of Shotzzy, Dashy, Huke, and iLLeY moving forward in the 2023 season after a disappointing showing at Major One in December.

Scump’s future looks set in stone and as bright as ever as he moves into full-time content creation. Without the need to practice, the OpTic star can now focus on streaming and making YouTube videos to continue into his successful second career.

As true as it ever has been, it’s good to be the king.

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