Scump confirms 2023 Call of Duty League season will be his final year as a pro

The king will play for one more season.

Call of Duty legend Scump confirmed today that the Modern Warfare 2 season will be the final year in which he will be competing. 

In a YouTube video titled This is Goodbye, Scump revealed that he will only be competing for one more year of Call of Duty. He will be one of many professional players who have retired in recent years, including Crimsix, who retired at the end of Vanguard. Scump is one of the most successful players in competitive Call of Duty and has been competing for the last decade under OpTic Gaming. 

OpTic is the biggest organization in Call of Duty history, and at the forefront of that is Scump. With over 2 million followers on YouTube and a substantial following on Twitch, Scump has been creating content during the offseason but has talked multiple times about retiring in the near future. Scump recently sat down with OpTic CEO Hector Rodriquez to talk about when he would be retiring, although at the time he did not give a specific date to when that retirement would be.

While Scumps Call of Duty history is great, he has only won a single world championship before. Although, Scump has come close to earning another ring but fallen short of the finish line in the last few years.After MW2 Scump says that he will be staying in the competitive Call of Duty scene in some aspect but whether it is as either a coach, analyst, or substitute is unclear. But with the recent news of his engagement, it is likely that Scump will be taking some time off after retiring.

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