ScreaM’s famous Phoenix ultimate mishap is immortalized forever in latest VALORANT battle pass

This one will live forever.

As if living with your own mistakes wasn’t bad enough, imagine loading into the game you’re famous for playing and seeing someone spray a reference to that mistake on the wall.

On top of already experiencing a tumultuous VCT 2023 season on Karmine Corp, VALORANT star Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom now has to live with one of his most famous blunders forever immortalized via a new spray added today via the Episode Six, Act Three battle pass.

Image via Riot Games

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The spray, titled Don’t Look Back, is a callback to an infamous round between Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming back in the upper quarterfinals of Champions 2022. ScreaM, back when he was on Liquid, was in one-vs-one against OpTic’s Victor Wong and was attempting to retake the B site on Ascent and get the defuse.

After clearing out B Main, ScreaM opted to pop his ultimate on Phoenix in an attempt to either gain information on Victor’s location or even get half of the spike defused. Unfortunately, Victor was waiting in Market, and after hearing ScreaM drop into the site, he quickly moved into A Main and got behind ScreaM’s recall point.

ScreaM realized this as it was happening and attempted to catch Victor first by running up the stairs next to Boathouse, but he just missed the timing before Victor got to safety in A Main. The timer on his ultimate ran out and ScreaM could do nothing but pop his collar as Victor plunged his knife into ScreaM’s back to close out the round.

OpTic went on to win the map and the series, eventually reaching the grand finals of VCT Champions, while Liquid earned a top-eight finish.

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This is one of the few, if not the only spray to directly reference an individual play that’s happened in pro VALORANT: the KAY/O in the spray is even wielding the same knife that Victor used during the match at Champions. Whereas a game like CS:GO has immortalized legendary plays with permanent graffiti sprays where the iconic play happened, this spray lets you relive this moment anywhere.

And if you ever somehow end up facing ScreaM in a match, you better have this spray equipped.

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