Say goodbye to Dragonlands because TFT Patch 12.21 is officially the last dragon-themed update

Save your tears!

All good things eventually have to come to an end. The Dragonlands set, which had a good run in Teamfight Tactics, is, unfortunately, leaving the small battle arena to make room for the new set, Monsters Attack!

Patch 12.21 is the last patch of the Dragonlands set, according to TFT on Twitter. Since the beloved dragon-themed set is retiring, Riot Games will replace it with a new, recently revealed set, Monsters Attack! But, save your tears because a couple of mechanics like Treasure Dragon will be salvaged coming into the next patch. Besides that, starting with the next patch, an additional Treasure Dragon will replace wolves at stage three-seven.

The Dragonlands tier set will always have a special place in our hearts since it introduced loads of new unique traits and dragon units that take up two slots on your active board and have been an essential asset to your arsenal.

On top of that, we cant forget Treasure Dragon, which replaced the stage four-seven Raptors round and, on numerous occasions, brought us that edge we needed to beat our opponents. And finally, the set brought back the Augments mechanic with a couple of quality-of-life tweaks that could always turn the tide in the final moments.

Although were saying goodbye to one of the most exciting sets weve seen so far, were hopeful that the Monsters Attack! set, which is going live on Dec. 7, will have at least half the charm Dragonlands did.

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