Santorin shuts down LCS retirement rumors: ‘I’ve never felt better’

The star jungler is here to stay.

Despite rumors that Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen could potentially be retiring from professional League of Legends after the LCS season, he’s confirmed he’s here to stay.

The Team Liquid jungler shut down rumors on Twitter, claiming he’s “never felt better in my life while competing.” He also silenced the doubters by adding that “there’s no shot this is going to make me retire, cus I feel great.”

Santorin also explained how he dealt with his health issues last year, which made him unavailable to play at times. “Since last years health issues, I’ve learnt so much about my own body. What I should and shouldn’t do in order to be in the best position possible to perform,” he said. Santorin now believes his performance has improved and it was an enormous “confidence boost.”

The rumors that suggested Santorin would be retiring started to appear on social media after Liquid failed to qualify for Worlds 2022, ending their season earlier than anticipated. The superstar squad lost to Evil Geniuses in the third round of the 2022 LCS Championship’s lower bracket, finishing in fourth place.

Despite Santorin confirming he’s here to stay, it remains to be seen if he will continue to play for Liquid in 2023. On Sept. 12, Liquid owner Steve Arhancet confirmed that “the roster will be different” heading into the next year.

CoreJJ’s contract is expected to expire this year and there are rumors other players could be leaving the squad too, including Hans sama, who is reportedly in talks with European org Karmine Corp.

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