Santorin on Liquid’s LCS form: ‘I don’t think we’re near our peak’

The team are working to solve some issues ahead of the playoffs.

Team Liquid have remained near the top of the standings in the 2022 LCS Summer Split since it started in June, but they’re far from showcasing their full strength, according to Danish jungler Santorin.

In an interview with, Santorin spoke about Liquid’s recent form and how he learns from his losses.

“I think theres still a lot of room for improvement. I dont think were near our peak,” Santorin said. Over the course of the past several weeks in the LCS, Liquid have secured wins against Golden Guardians and Immortals, but they’ve failed to defeat teams higher in the standings, like Evil Geniuses and Counter Logic Gaming. “Its hard to keep a really good form throughout the entire season,” he explained.

Santorin doesn’t shy away from the fact that Liquid have been inconsistent. Despite the recent losses though, the team are looking to make adjustments ahead of the playoffs. “I feel like weve been too inconsistent… but I do feel like were starting to tackle those issues,” he said.

As long as Liquid qualifies for the playoffs, the regular season doesn’t matter to Santorin. He’d rather lose a few games every now and then than go in underprepared. A loss in the LCS gives the team the opportunity to reflect and learn from their mistakes. “Id way prefer going 9-9 than 18-0 because theres so many losses that I could learn a lot of things from,” he explained.

Liquid will return to action on Saturday, July 30 with a game against TSM.

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