Santa Claus and other holiday-themed items might be coming to Battlefield 2042

The holiday spirit might be coming soon.

A recent Battlefield 2042 update revealed some potential upcoming cosmetic items, including a Father Winter skin that brings Santa Claus to the battlefield. 

The Battlefield Bulletin Twitter account posted several images of weekly mission rewards that were revealed in Battlefield 2042s Update No. 3 but have since been removed from the game. This might mean the skins weren’t meant to be revealed yet, but fans already got an early look at some possible holiday-themed cosmetic items. 

One of the most notable cosmetics was the Father Winter Specialist skin for Boris, which added a Santa Claus-esque skin to the character. The skin includes a red coat with white trim and turns his beard white, making him look like old Saint Nick. The images also show a Big Nic tank skin, a Little Blitzen helicopter skin, and a Dealmaker PP-29 skin. Other skins were revealed too, like the Grin Reaper helicopter skin, Deliverance MCS-880 skin, and the Great Outdoors skin for Mackay. 

Some players aren’t happy about these skins since theyre slightly out of the realm of Battlefield 2042s gritty setting. Others are excited for new cosmetic items and the option to customize their loadout.  

The skins also hint at the game’s preseason lasting at least eight weeks, meaning season one should be released sometime in February. The skins have yet to reappear in the game, but fans will likely see the exciting new cosmetics soon. 

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