Sacy locked out of his VALORANT account shortly after arriving in NA

Get him on the servers, Riot.

Sentinels player Gustavo Sacy Rossi has pleaded for Riots help after he was unable to play VALORANT on his account following his move to North America. 

Sacy, who used to play on the Brazilian server, asked his followers on Twitter last night whether it was possible to transfer his account to North America so he can play on the VALORANT servers. 

Unfortunately for Sacy, his initial ticket request didnt go as planned. Sacy was told that he had to log in to his account for two weeks in a row each day if he wants to play on his account in the new region, which is typical for most players. 

At time of writing, Sacy is set to use a new account to play ranked matches on the North American servers. Hell still be able to play VALORANT, just with a new account to access the servers without connecting to Brazilian servers. 

Sacy is looking to get some extra practice in on the server since hes set to compete with Sentinels next year. The team signed Sacy and his former LOUD teammate Bryan pancada Luna to the VALORANT roster following the departures of Shahzeb ShahZaM Khan and Michael dapr Gulino. 

Sentinels are set to compete in the kick-off tournament in February, which will be the first VALORANT event in 2023 hosted by developer and tournament organizer Riot Games. The event is the first of the new VALORANT Champions Tour international league format, which features 30 teams across three major regions.

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