S1mple stars in one-vs-one VALORANT series that shows his CS:GO skill isn’t enough

Another NAVI player came out on top.

It turns out that even GOATs of CS:GO can struggle in VALORANT.

Over the weekend, Natus Vincere posted a video on its YouTube channel where s1mple faced off against another fellow NAVI member, cNed from the team’s VALORANT division. Both players dueled in a one-vs-one scenario, with the latter coming out victorious with a 2-0 score.

The rules of the game were simplified in comparison to standard five-vs-five matches to trim down the battlefield. Both players agreed that they would take on each other in the mid area on Ascent, the first map.

In the beginning, s1mple came out ahead with an 8-3 score, but cNed started to make a comeback after switching sides. He took the first map with a 13-10 result. “That’s a T-side map,” s1mple said after the loss, pointing out cNed’s comeback on the attacking side.

Afterward, both players loaded onto Bind, which at the beginning was a much more one-sided affair in the favor of cNed. The 20-year-old put himself in a 9-2 lead, but s1mple started to make up for it after they switched sides. Despite his best efforts, cNed won with a 13-9 result.

While s1mple is a CS:GO pro and, in the eyes of many, the best player to ever touch Valve’s game, he often plays VALORANT during his free time on stream. Still, even if you’re the best player ever in CS:GO, that skill doesn’t necessarily translate to success against a pro in Riot Games’ FPS.

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