S1mple has just one request for CS:GO fans at IEM Rio Major

Not surprising, looking at their next opponent.

Whatever you do, don’t boo Natus Vincere at the IEM CS:GO Rio Major.

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev has requested Brazilian fans be on their best behavior at the quarterfinals matchup between NAVI and home crowd favorites FURIA. The audience in Rio will almost certainly be cheering for yuurih and his crew, but they might also boo s1mple and his teammates.

“Pls dont BOOOOO us, ty, u welcome,” s1mple said in a post on social media.

S1mple added NAVI aren’t “ready to lose” and will prepare as best as they can for the series. “We can’t lose against my lovely FURIA,” he said, pointing out that NAVI intend to give their best in the match.

The Brazilian fans at the Major have been given props for their passion and dedication. They have been cheering, singing, performing the national anthem, and more during the event. But there have also been cases where the audience booed opposing teams.

While the Challengers Stage and the Legends Stage took place in Riocentro, the playoffs will move to a much larger venue, the Jeunesse Arena. The venue can hold 15,430 people during events, according to Wikipedia.

The Major is now taking a small break before the playoffs kick off on Thursday, Nov. 10. The first series will be between Outsiders and Fnatic, while NAVI and FURIA will take the stage on Friday. You can check the full Champions Stage bracket here.

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