S0m praises Leviatán at VCT LOCK//IN: ‘I will not be shocked if they win the whole thing’

They play today.

NRG VALORANT player s0m recently applauded Chilean team Leviatán as fearsome underdogs at VCT LOCK//IN. 

S0m, who was sent home from the event following a defeat to reigning champs LOUD, said that Leviatán were the hardest team to face if he included practice. The Latin America team will have the opportunity to showcase their skills later today against ZETA Division in the first round of the Omega bracket. 

Leviatán are really good, s0m said on stream last night. I will not be shocked at all if they literally win the whole thing.”


He continued to praise Leviatán as high-level practice opponents because they try their best on each map and play as if they’re in a real match. Although he said NRG and Leviatán played practice matches as if they were real, s0m said his team still got farmed. 

The NRG player gave credit to LOUD, however, when he said they were the best team they played in real matches. LOUD managed to take down NRG on Feb. 19 to qualify for the event’s playoff stage alongside DRX. The match was tough with LOUD edging out the victory on the last map 18-16. 

Leviatán are known as arguably the best team from the Latin America region. Leviatán were victorious at the Movistar Fibra: LATAM Gods tournament, which concluded in early December. Leviatán took down Optix and MIBR twice to take the crown. 

Leviatán are set to play ZETA Division today as the last match of the day at the VCT LOCK//IN. 

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