Ruination audiobook will feature voices of League of Legends champions

Your favorite League of Legends voice actors are making their return with the Ruination audiobook.

Riot Games, the renowned game studio that launched popular gaming titles like League of Legends, Wild Rift, and Teamfight Tactics, the stunningly beautiful TV show Arcane, and K-pop albums featuring Leagues champions is publishing a book called Ruination on Sept. 6. Since Riot loves going the extra mile, the Ruination book is no exception. 

Critically-acclaimed voice actors Misty Lee, Mark Oliver, and Sean J. Teale, who breathed life into Kalista, Thresh, and Viego, are making their return with dramatized English version of the upcoming Ruination audiobook. Although Riot still hasnt revealed the full cast of voice actors that will shine in the upcoming audiobook, its confirmed that iconic League voice actors are making their return to the lands of Camavor.

Telling the story of Kalista, Thresh, and Viego, Ruination finally gives us the fully fleshed-out backstory of Ruinations origins, beginning in the distant Camavor. Although youll have to wait until Sept. 6 to read the story of Kalistas efforts to save her kingdom and Viegos downfall, Ruination is now available for pre-order. If you want to listen to this epic tale that has been teased in Leagues lore for almost a decade now, a full dramatized version of Ruination will be available on Sept. 13. 

Since Ruination will definitely be yet another complete success, we cant wait to finally get our hands on a hard copy.

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