Rogue defeats Vitality, places their fate in Fnatic’s hands

Vitality needs Fnatic to lose to make it into LEC Summer Playoffs

Rogue crushed Vitality’s hopes of locking in a spot at the LEC Summer Split Playoffs before the possible tiebreaker with Excel. Vitality now awaits the result of the last match of the regular season between Fnatic and Misfits to know their fate. If Fnatic wins, Vitality will need to play a tiebreaker match against Excel, but if they lose, then Vitality will secure a spot in the next stage of the competition. 

During their match against Rogue, Vitality started with a strong composition and a clear path to victory. With Haru’s Trundle, the early game was filled with surprising ganks and decisive attacks towards neutral objectives like Herald and Drake, but Rogue was waiting for the slight mistake from their opponent to jump on them and take them down. And that’s exactly what happened.

In search of proactive plays, their opponents caught Vitality off position, giving Rogue the perfect opportunity to engage and strike a decisive blow to the enemy team. Despite the slight advantage in gold and kill obtained by Rogue, the game was still relatively equal for both sides when the 20 minutes ticked on the timer. But all changed in the blink of an eye during a fight for the third drake of the game, when Malrang flank caught off-guard Vitality’s botlane, allowing his team to take down the carry of the enemy team. 

From then on, it was all almost plain sailing for Rogue, who kept the calm and cool head they are renowned for, executing well-timed engagements and surprising flanks. Rogue’s execution of their game strategy and map control guaranteed them all the neutral objectives they needed to besiege Vitality’s base. Slowly but surely, Rogue took down two of their opponents’ inhibitors with little pushback as Vitality couldn’t risk a daring attack without putting their Nexus at stake in case of failure. However, Vitality couldn’t let Rogue take the victory without putting up a fight for their lives, and in what was the last teamfight of the game, Vitality gave their all to keep their hopes alive. Still, it was simply not enough in the face of Rogue’s relentless and oppressive march towards the enemy’s Nexus. 

Rogue closes their last game of the regular split with an ace, leaving the fate of Vitality in the hands of Fnatic and Misfits. 

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