Riot’s new 2D platformer CONV/RGENCE is coming sooner than LoL fans expected

Join Ekko as he jumps through space and time to save his city.

It’s about time. Riot Games has given League of Legends fans the release date for its upcoming 2D platformer CONV/RGENCE, featuring a familiar cast of champions who will collide in a thrilling story based in the sprawling, diverse world of Zaun.

The new Riot Forge title will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, GOG, Steam, and Epic Games later this month on Tuesday, May 23, the company announced today. This should also be a surprise for some supporters who have been waiting for a release date since the company did relay that the game was going to be delayed until this coming summer.

CONV/RGENCE will revolve around Runeterra’s resident time traveler Ekko and his battle against the forces of evil. He and his friends must step up to protect their city, as the popular champion uses his unparalleled powers to jump through the fabric of space and time. There are, however, many secrets to discover throughout the adventure, and not too many people to trust.

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Back in 2021, Riot revealed two new games heading out of Riot Forge with this Ekko-centric title and a cute adventure game called Song of Nunu. Both games were supposed to release last year, but the developers decided they needed more time to polish all of their upcoming projects before releasing them to the public.

Riot Forge has already released two other League-themed projects, with Hextech Mayhem and Ruined King diving into two different regions of the game’s vast universe. Zaun and Piltover have also become one of the most popular regions in Runeterra after being the central location featured in Riot’s hit Netflix series, Arcane.

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