Riot’s latest ARAM changes aim to help LoL players get back in the fight faster

One death won't mean the end of the world.

Ever since Riot Games made some sweeping changes to League of Legends’ casual ARAM game mode, players have been divided on their opinions toward the Howling Abyss. But in Patch 13.4, developers are making a much-needed change to death timers by reverting them back to their old Patch 12.22 state.

From new bushes, a controversial falling tower mechanic, and Hexgates, the ARAM mode plays at a much faster pace than ever before and has brought a ton of variance to what used to be the simplest way to experience the game for new players and casual gamers alike. But one of the biggest issues that players had was with death timers.

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People discovered that ARAM death timers were much too long, especially for any teams that end up losing an early teamfight to a composition that is well-equipped to siege a tower. They could end up losing a tower in the opening minutes and won’t be able to push back nearly as effectively since the enemy team has the Hexgates to immediately return to their tier-one tower after they die.

By reverting the death timers and making them shorter, teams can jump back into the fray and defend their side of the map at an easier rate. The back-and-forth nature of the game mode should be restored with these timers, which is exactly what many ARAM players enjoy.

Here are all the death timer changes based on champion level in ARAM:

  • Level three: 12 seconds 10 seconds
  • Level four: 16 seconds 12 seconds
  • Level five: 19 seconds 14 seconds
  • Level six: 21 seconds 16 seconds
  • Level seven: 23 seconds 18 seconds
  • Level eight: 25 seconds 20 seconds
  • Level nine: 26 seconds 22 seconds
  • Level 10: 27 seconds 24 seconds
  • Level 11: 28 seconds 26 seconds
  • Level 12: 30 seconds 28 seconds
  • Level 13:32 seconds 30 seconds
  • Level 14: 34 seconds 32 seconds
  • Level 15: 36 seconds 34 seconds
  • Level 16: 38 seconds 36 seconds
  • Level 17: 40 seconds 38 seconds
  • Level 18: 42 seconds 40 seconds

Patch 13.4 is scheduled to drop on Thursday, Feb. 23.

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