Riot’s exciting MMO project will have in-depth lore but don’t expect a ‘grand reveal’

Good news, bad news situation.

Unless youve been living under a rock, you probably heard Riot Games is making a League of Legends-themed MMO. Although weve been craving for months and even years now to learn more about this upcoming game, Riot and its developers have been stingy with new information. Thankfully, executive producer Greg Ghostcrawler Street updated us on the current state of the game and revealed some exciting information.

On Nov. 10, Twitch streamer and content creator Kanon interviewed Greg Street. During the interview, the executive producer revealed Riot plans to expand the current League lore. Largely because the League community already has ideas about how each champion should behave, they want to stay faithful to already well-developed characters.

We think, for the most part, players just want to feel like character actions are true to that character; oh, Garen would do that, Akali behaves the way I thought she would be based on watching cinematics and K/DA, Street explained. 

When asked about the release date of this already popular game, the executive producer responded that they will start communicating more once they are ready.

When were comfortable with that well start talking about it more, and its not going to be a grand revealitll be a slow trickle that goes on for a long time, Greg Street warned League of Legends fans.

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