Riot will do fewer in-client visual novels for events in the future after several League flops

The Sentinels and Star Guardian event didn't even come close to the Spirit Blossom event, and Riot knows that.

Andrei Meddler van Roon, a veteran of Riot Games and the designer behind Ziggs, Syndra, and Varus, is now the head of the Riot studio. Now overseeing the production of League of Legends, Wild Rift, and Teamfight Tactics, Meddler is full of ideas on how to improve these games.

Openly talking about the successes and fumbles of Riot teams, Meddler has admitted that both the Sentinel event and the Star Guardian event fell short of the players expectations when compared to the original alike event, Spirit Blossom. “I think were seeing that the visual novel is probably something we shouldnt be doing this often,” Meddler said in an interview with Polygon. “It was great for Spirit Blossom, its a great tool to have in our repertoire, but its not something to lean on constantly.”

Although the Riot team is still figuring out these large-scale events carefully telling multiple intertwined stories, they probably won’t repeat a similar experiment in the near future now that they have more than one means to get their message through.

On top of that, the Riot team does not want to rely on impeccable storytelling, in-client interactive features, and an entirely fresh art style to deliver a great battle pass. 

Although theres no doubt that the Riot team needs to polish both the battle pass system and the thematic events as a whole, its rather disappointing to see the fully-fledged events leave the official Riots repertoire. Nonetheless, we can always satiate our needs for more League content with other sources like comics, music, TV shows, and even books now. 

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