Riot wants to change how some agents’ flashes work in VALORANT in upcoming PBE update

Mastering the flashes will still be rewarded.

The team of VALORANT developers will test changes to flashes for some of the agents this week on the game’s Public Beta Environment (PBE) server, which is North American-only.

The devs want to “sharpen” the roles for the initiators Skye and KAY/O, as well as the duelists Reyna and Yoru. “The goal is to make sure our Initiators arent outclassing some of our Duelists when it comes to generating kills for themselves off their flashes,” Riot Games said. “As always, well keep an eye on how the changes perform and adapt.”

What will be the flash changes for Skye, KAY/O, Reyna, and Yoru?

Skye’s Guiding Light and KAY/O’s FLASH/DRIVE will be reworked because Riot wants to increase their total “teamplay output” when coordinating the play with teammates. These abilities, however, will be nerfed when players create plays for themselves, while it will still “reward mastering their respective flashes.”

As for the duelists, Riot will change Reyna’s Leer to prove more “agency around” when you peek after casting, on top of also sharpening the ability as a “powerful angle-breaking tool” for maps that have longer sightlines.

The devs are adding a slightly longer duration effect on Yoru’s flash to try to provide him a “power buff” while also keeping “counterplay healthy,” even when used out of Yoru’s Dimensional Drift.

VALORANT devs will detail all of these changes later today on the PBE subreddit at 6pm CT. If you’re based in North America, you can help test the changes if you download the PBE.

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