Riot to nerf Bloodthirster shield, Legend: Bloodline, Lethal Tempo, and more in LoL Patch 13.6

The next update will bring some pretty significant changes.

For League of Legends’ upcoming Patch 13.6, Riot Games is planning to hit a plethora of different aspects of the game, including changes to healing systems, a couple of items, and one of the most significant neutral monstersDragons.

In an attempt to curb healing and general tankiness of certain champions, for example, Riot is lowering Bloodthirster’s shield at all levels, from 180-450 to only 100-400. This is a large reduction that should prevent AD carries from unrealistically absorbing too much damage from burst sources during teamfights.

Legend: Bloodline is also getting reductions to its maximum life steal and max health points, going from six percent life steal to 5.25 percent, and 85 health compared to its previous 100. This should further reduce the item’s effectiveness for marksmen and other champions that frequent this rune, so they must rely on other sources of sustain.

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Meanwhile, the only other rune to get a change is Lethal Tempo, which will be getting a six percent decrease in its ranged attack speed bonus at early levels, while also maxing out at level 18 instead of 12.

The big dragon nerf that was outlined will be hitting the system with a buff reduction of about 10 to 15 percent. It isn’t detailed how much each dragon type will be affected, but a 15 percent reduction is noticeable, but shouldn’t pull away any priority from the objective moving forward. Navori Quickblades is also getting a smaller reduction to its cooldown refund, lowering it by three percent.

Ultimately, the most significant changes in this patch’s list come with the dragon nerfs and the Bloodthirster reductions, which could cause many ADC players to skip the item for another, more powerful option in the shop.

Catch these changes and more when Patch 13.6 drops on March 22.

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