Riot to make League’s Stopwatch unpurchasable after player’s upgrade to Zhonya’s Hourglass or Guardian Angel as of Patch 12.8

Your timing won't be so perfect anymore.

One of League of Legends most controversial items, Stopwatch, is receiving a relatively impactful tuning change in the games upcoming Patch 12.8. Moving forward, players will not be able to buy another Stopwatch after upgrading their first Stopwatch to Zhonyas Hourglass or Guardian Angel. 

Previously, players had been able to use the active abilities of Zhonyas Hourglass and Stopwatch in quick succession, giving them sustained immunity in teamfights. In Patch 12.8, youll be committed to either the active effect of Zhonyas or the passive effect of Guardian Angel throughout a game, without having an extra chance to go golden for 650 gold. 

Screengrab via Riot Games

Being able to use Stopwatch in addition to having its terminal items can lead to some pretty jarring game states and all around awkward moments, so we’re removing that optimization, Riot Games said in Leagues Patch 12.8 notes, which were released earlier today. 

Now, with Stopwatch no longer being on the table for late-game itemization purposes, players should be incentivized to save the extra 650 gold they would have spent on Stopwatch and put it toward a late-game item instead. 

The changes to Stopwatch will go live tomorrow, April 27, when Patch 12.8 is implemented on the live League servers. 

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