Riot to implement 4-hour maintenance period for North America’s League and Teamfight Tactics servers at start of September

Take a break from the climb.

If you’re a late-night and early-morning League of Legends or Teamfight Tactics enjoyer, a mandatory gameplay break is in store for you later this week.

Riot Games has notified all North American League and Teamfight Tactics players that between the hours of 2am CT to 6am CT on Thursday, Sept. 1, servers will be down for maintenance. This maintenance period is being enforced while the developers “continue [their] global migration efforts to the cloud.”

Over the course of the year, Riot has made efforts to create a more reliable environment for players by improving its servers, but they will need some time to implement these changes moving forward. This also isn’t the first time that the team has scheduled extended maintenance time for its player base this month.

Two weeks ago, Riot announced that the NA servers would be going down for maintenance for a whopping 12 hours, although they did not specify why. This huge downtown is quite rare for League, since maintenance usually only lasts for a few hours along with only ranked servers being disabled for the time being.

It isn’t known whether this period is related to the 12-hour maintenance that players had to wait out, but at least it won’t last half a day. League‘s upcoming Patch 12.17 is also scheduled to release next week on Thursday, Sept. 8, which means that the devs will need to solidify all the kinks in their servers before the new changes to the game head to live.

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