Riot to finally nerf Aurelion Sol among long list of planned League Patch 13.5 changes

The Star Forger is having his power reduced.

League of Legends has seen many champions and items getting buffed and nerfed in the past month. In the last gameplay updatePatch 13.4over twenty champions received changes, with nine receiving nerfs, including two of the more popular pro play champions right now in Jax and Azir.

That change frequency now rolls on, with League balance team boss Riot Phroxzon unveiling the latest buffs, nerfs, and adjustments expected to hit servers with Patch 13.5.

In total, fifteen League champions will receive changes in the upcoming update, with seven of these receiving nerfs. The planned changelist includes Gangplank, AP Twitch, Rammus, Aurelion Sol, Caitlyn, Xayah, and Yorick. In addition to the champion changes, there will be nerfs for at least one itemSeraphs Embrace. 

Some of these nerfs have been a long time coming, especially for Aurelion Sol. Since Aurelion Sols recent season 13 rework, he has been temporarily disabled from the game due to several bugs at least once. On top of that, the dragon’s ban rate continues to soar across League Patch 13.4, according to stats site U.GG.

What is interesting, however, is Annie isnt on the list of champs to be nerfed. Since Patch 13.3, she has been a monster dominating the Rift, both in solo queue and pro play. Since her recent League buffs, she has had an astronomical 54.21 percent win rate and has been tough to counter for many players.

While the nerfs to the top lane continue with Yorick being added to the list, it is good to see the bot lane hit with a few nerfs, especially to Xayahshe has a pretty decent win rate of 51.73 percent across all ranks as well as AP Twitch, who has a 51.77 percent win rate across all ranks. 

Overall, these nerfs should go some distance to help balance League’s seasonal meta and reduce snowballing. Hopefully, next, we will see a nerf to Annie in Patch 13.6.

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