Riot to begin testing new LoL Quick Play game mode as replacement for Blind Pick

Jump right into the action.

If you’ve been hunting for a casual way to enjoy some action on the Summoner’s Rift, Riot Games might be experimenting with a new game mode called Quick Play that should help League of Legends players get into the game a lot faster than ever before.

Quick Play will be replacing League‘s long-standing Blind Pick mode in specific regions in a limited-time test run and will allow players to choose their specific role and the champion combinations when queuing up for a match. As a result, they’ll be able to skip champion select entirely, and instead start loading up into a game immediately.

For the first time, players will get to skip champion select, giving them direct access to the Rift with the champions they want to play with. Team compositions will be made up of favorite picks, and will rarely be created with synergies in mindunless teammates queue in together, and want to practice their wombo combos as a team.

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Players can also avoid the hassle of going through champion select, where they can be chastised for their choice because of an off-meta pick, or a pick that doesn’t fit the team’s current composition. It’s a great way for players to try out new roles and new champions since they can hop into a game, play, and jump right out.

This game mode, like many other modes before it, is expected to roll out to multiple regions as the year moves forward. If a specific region isn’t included in the Quick Play testing, its player base will simply have to stay patient and wait for the developers to release the game mode in their region.

The new game mode addition is one of many different announcements from Riot, who are ramping up for a busy 2023, including the additions of multiple Wild Rift skins, three different mid-scope updates, the long-awaited Skarner VGU, and more.

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