Riot teases LoL’s upcoming fiery enchanter Milio

He's on his way to the Rift.

League of Legends’ first new champion in 2023 has just been teased on the game’s PBE servers.

Milio is a male enchanter support from Ixtal, who is expected to be the first new champ in League this year. After the addition of Patch 13.3 to the live servers yesterday, PBE servers got updated as well, and a Milio teaser was added to the bottom lane alcove.

From now on PBE servers, players who will go to the bottom lane will be able to spot Milio, or at least one of his “firebuddies,” as it was called by a League YouTube content creator called SkinSpotlights.

The little orange blob, or firebuddy, doesn’t do much besides sitting in an alcove. Although given that he’s a support champion, it’s hardly surprising that if he were to be teased somewhere on the Summoner’s Rift, it would be in the bot lane.

Milio was first teased by Riot Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, one of the lead gameplay designers for the game, in August 2022. Back then, Milio was in early development, and it was said that he would show a new side of Ixtal than the one we know of from Qiyana’s lore, for example. The video teased the champion by showings three tiny orange creatures, who could be Milio’s firebuddies and are probably a pivotal part of his kit.

This topic briefly appeared in the teaser for the 2023 ranked season in League at the beginning of the year. There, Lexi “Riot Lexical” Gao explained that he will use that fire magic to heal wounds, instead of dealing damage to enemies.

Milio is expected to be the first new champion to be added to League in 2023, though, his exact release date remains unknown. Once he makes it to the roster, the developers will focus on shipping another teased champion, a Darkin assassin.

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