Riot shows off Janna’s shiny new VFX update in League of Legends

The VFX is at your command.

Janna, the Storms Fury, is one of the original 40 champions released with League of Legends back in 2009. Over the years, she has, essentially, stayed the same champion that mainly saw visual updates and minor tweaks that would tone down her lane dominance. The only major change Janna received was this years update that shifted Jannas early game power from Zephyr into Eye of the Storm. 

Although we didnt expect to see Janna get an update, shes set for a VFX update that will heavily focus on her identity, spell readability, and optimization. In a similar vein to the previous VFX updates like Fizz, Leona, and Nami, Jannas VFX update will improve her spell clarity while bringing up the visuals up to the latest League standards. 

As expected, base Janna, Hextech Janna, Frost Queen Janna, Victorious Janna, and Forecast Janna will be getting a complete overhaul that will tackle and enrich the current spell effects. Tempest Janna skin is a base skin recolor that will see the same changes base Janna will. Star Guardian Janna, Sacred Sword Janna, Bewitching Janna, Guardian of the Sands Janna, Battle Queen Janna, Crystal Rose Janna, Cyber Halo Janna, and Prestige Cyber Halo Janna will, on the other hand, update only Howling Gale and Monsoon. 

The update is expected to hit the PBE servers soon.

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