Riot shows off footage of new ChronoVoid skin line in VALORANT

"Throughout the ages, only a chosen few have ever wielded the power of the ChronoVoid."

ChronoVoid, a new skin collection coming to VALORANT, was displayed today. The skin line will bring new skins for the Phantom, Vandal, Sheriff, Judge, and Melee.

The ChronoVoid bundle will include said skins and a ChronoVoid card, a ChronoVoid spray, and a ChronoVoid gun buddy. The thematic goals for Chronovoid are magic-tech, futuristic, spherical, and elegant, according to Riot.

The ChronoVoid Melee is called Terminus A Quo and will have two levels and three variants. Level one features a custom model, animation, and visual effects, while level two features a custom inspect animation, visual effects, and audio. There will be a green, red, and black variant.

As for the guns, there are three different levels and the same color variants. Level one features a custom model, custom ADS reticle, and custom bullets. Level two includes custom muzzle flash visual effects and firing audio, while level three brings custom equip, reload, idle, and inspect animations, effects, and audio.

“Throughout the ages, only a chosen few have ever wielded the power of the ChronoVoid,” the skin line’s official description reads. “Nations and civilizations have been built, conquered, or even wiped from history with its power. Today, it is a sacred relic that many mistake for magic. What they fail to understand is that it is ancient technology left to its descendantsa reminder of the highest pinnacle of scientific innovation, now lost to time.”

The ChronoVoid bundle will sell for 8,700 VP starting on Wednesday, Sept. 21, when Riot releases it.

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