Riot shows off changes to Split ahead of reintroducing map to VALORANT’s competitive queue

Back and looking better than ever.

Roll out the red carpet and prepare the welcoming committee.

Riot Games has finally revealed that Split is coming back to VALORANT’s competitive queue in Patch 6.0, and with its return comes plenty of changes that should shift the way players approach their strategies on this iconic map.

Previously, Split was removed from the competitive map pool and professional circuit pool to make way for the game’s newest map, Pearl. There were multiple reasons for the map’s removal, from “player sentiment, time since release, past and future planned updates” and more.

Since then, however, Riot has made a plethora of adjustments that have freshened up the experience for those looking to climb up in rank. For example, in A Main, the pathway has been widened for attackers, while A Tower has been changed with a new staircase and the little garbage can step has been removed for defenders.

A Rafters has been shortened slightly, while A Main’s elevated box has also been shortened. The small cubby on B has been changed to a slight angle rather than a sharp corner, while the B Tower head glitch has been removed. Overall, many of the changes should give attacking players a better chance of successfully getting onto the site since that was an issue that plagued the map from its previous iteration.

Patch 6.0 is scheduled to drop on Tuesday, Jan. 10.

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