Riot shifts more power into Udyr’s DPS, pulls tankiness from Iron Mantle stance and nerfs health

"Anger the phoenix, and feel its talons."

Udyr’s new gameplay update might have just launched last month, but Riot Games is already making some adjustments to help the Spirit Walker find his place in the evolving League of Legends meta.

For Patch 12.18, lead game designer Matt Phroxzon Leung-Harrison has outlined the changes headed over to the game, with shifts in power for Udyr’s overall survivability and DPS abilities. First, a basic nerf he’ll be getting hit with is a decrease to his base health and armor per level. But, that’s not all that Udyr players will need to get used to.

His Iron Mantle stance is getting a plethora of nerfs, including his percentage HP heal getting knocked down to a static 1.2 percent at all levels and his percentage HP shield getting reduced at later levels.

Iron Mantle is getting an increase to lifesteal per level, going from a static 15 percent to increasing by one percent until the ability hits a max 20 percent lifesteal.

To offset the loss of tank stats, Udyr’s Wilding Claw is getting a decent buff. The ability’s mana cost is getting reduced to a static 20 at all levels and will have two new effects. The first effect has the first two hits of the stance gain 50 range, and its Awakened version now deals additional max health physical damage on its first two hits.

Udyr’s R, Wingborne Storm, will be getting a damage nerf, and its wave clear speed is getting its power shifted so that it is less effective in the early game, but will deal more damage later on.

Ultimately, the nerf to Udyr’s tankiness should allow players to whittle him down a bit easier, but the damage payoff could be a great tool when chasing down enemies.

League Patch 12.18 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, Sept. 21.

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