Riot reverts major item changes only days before League’s preseason patch

Other changes are going live.

Navori Quickblades has never been a popular item in League of Legends since its incredibly expensive and no marksmen ever have room for it in their build. While testing preseason changes, Riot Games started experimenting with Navori Quickblades, and now the devs are reverting all changes they made to the item.

Preseason 2023 is starting on Nov. 16, and Riot is making its final polishes these days. Unfortunately, Navori Quickblades wont go live with this patch, according to Surrender @20 moderator Spideraxe.

Spideraxe explains that the changes were originally intended to go live with the preseason patch, but due to merge issues, the Navori Quickblade changes wont see the light of day on the first day of preseason. 

According to Riots game designer, Ezra Phlox Lynn, Navori Quickblades was supposed to become a gameplay-defining item, just like Infinity Edge or Guinsoo’s Rageblade. The item would still cost 3,400 gold, and it would be exclusive with Infinity Edge. 

The most important thing about this improved version of Navori Quickblades is that your attacks would reduce your non-ultimate ability cooldowns once you have at least 60 percent of critical strike chance. Other than that, your abilities would deal up to 20 percent more damage based on your critical strike chance. 

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