Riot reveals new Porcelain League skins for Amumu, Kindred, Lissandra, Lux, and Ezreal

League's first new skin line of 2022 is on its way.

The first new League of Legends skin line of 2022 has been officially revealed by Riot Games: Porcelain. The skin line debuts new skins for Amumu, Kindred, Lissandra, and Lux. Another skin, titled “Porcelain Protector Ezreal,” will also be included in the release. 

Among the five Porcelain skins coming to League, Lux will receive an additional Prestige Edition version of her upcoming Porcelain skin. In addition to being the first champion to receive a Prestige skin in 2022, Lux will become just the second champion on the League roster to receive a second Prestige skin since Prestige Points were introduced to the game in 2019. Luxs first Prestige skin was tied to her Battle Academia skin, which was released in 2019. 

Each skin in the Porcelain line includes thematic elements revolving around tea sets and fine dinnerware. With a stark blue, white, and gold color scheme, Leagues Porcelain skins are visually crisp with just the right amount of flashiness. 

Plus, the Porcelain skins each include spiritual animals somewhere in their splash arts and in-game kits, with blue-tinted snakes, fish, tigers, and more all finding homes alongside the champions. 

Porcelain Protector Ezreal also includes a unique tribute to musician Jay Chou in the champions dance animation. The artists song “Blue and White Porcelain” can be heard when Ezreal players dance while the skin is equipped. 

Leagues Porcelain skins have not been given an official release date as of yet, but they should be expected to hit the live servers sometime in the coming weeks.

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