Riot reveals League’s new Void jungler Bel’Veth in latest cinematic

The God of Oblivion has stepped into Runeterra.

After weeks of speculation and teasers, Riot Games has finally revealed the next champion to join League of Legends’ ever-expanding roster of playable characters. Enter Bel’Veth, the God of Oblivion. She’s set to be the newest Void-based jungler to hit Summoner’s Rift.

In a new cinematic, fans got their first glance at the new champion when Kai’Sa comes face-to-face with the latest threat to the kingdoms of Runeterra. The trailer gave a frightening glimpse into what could be in store as Kai’Sa struggles against the vast power that the Empress of the Void brings.

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League fans still don’t have a ton of official information about Bel’Veth just yet. There have been, however, some leaks around the champion, including her in-game model and her full ability set.

Like the cinematic shows, Bel’Veth potentially has two forms at her disposal: her humanoid form and her full, corrupted monster form. She also supposedly changes into the monster form during her ultimate ability, Endless Banquet. The empress might even have the Void swarm at her disposal as she tries to help players climb the solo queue ladder and bring all life under her wings.

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