Riot reveals League exclusive recall for players who reach Honor 5

Well-behaved League players will receive an exclusive recall.

Earlier this year, the Riot devs unveiled they wanted to make the behavioral system in League of Legends matter more by building solutions that directly impact the players, like giving out rewards based on the honor system. 

One of the rewards that is set to be given out to honorable players is a special recall animation. The video of this new animation was shared today on Twitter by Kristy Doan, a VFX artist for League, who also hinted at a possible new Challenger recall. 

The recall has amber and gold shades and includes a garland at the champions feet, which is inspired by the Honor five graphic. A similar visual can be seen floating over the champions head, while golden specs fly toward the sky. Similar to the Challenger recall introduced in 2019, the Honor recall is a way for players to show off their talent in the game.

Besides the new animation, Riot has introduced other rewards for honorable players. When reaching the maximum level of honor in League, players obtain honor 5 tokens, which can be spent in the shop to buy skins and chromas for Gray Warwick and Medieval Twitch. 

But thats not all: For the end of the 2022 season, Riot is also working on an exclusive skin just for players who reach the Honor five level. There is no official information on which champion will receive this skin or what it will look like on the Rift at the moment. The only certainty is that players will have to behave well during their games if they want a chance to obtain the exclusive content. 

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