Riot responds to rumors of new agent class in VALORANT

Speculation quelched.

The developers of VALORANT have released more information about the third agent to be released in the game later this year. 

Last night following Riot Games announcement of the agents planned to be released this year, community manager Jeff Landa clarified the speculation revolving around the lack of information about the mysterious third agent. 

In the announcement video posted two days ago, Riot character producer for VALORANT John Goscicki said the first new agent to be introduced to the game this year will be an initiator, while the second will be a sentinel. But he left the third agent up for speculation and didnt want to give away any hints. 

The community immediately speculated that players could get their hands on a new agent class to fit alongside the sentinels, duelist, initiator, and controller roles. 

To quelch the speculation surrounding the possibility of a new class of agent, since it wasnt explicitly mentioned, Landa said the third agent will be in one of the four classes in the game, ending the rumors. 

The upcoming agent set to be released to the game soon was teased in the announcement by Goscicki. In the video, a poster was shown with some friends hinted as a part of the agents kit. But we dont know much else about the agent, including the release date. It will, however, likely ship within the next few months.

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