Riot responds after League players discover new AFK account leveling trick with Akshan

Swing to win.

Over the last few years, botting has quickly become a pressing issue for League of Legends developers due to the rise of alternate account sellers.

It’s a disappointing trend that is affecting the games of those who are attempting to improve their skills or those who are just trying out the game for the first time. Bots will employ similar time-wasting scripts that make sure they aren’t found by Riot Games’ AFK detection systems, and a new method has just been discovered by some players on the League subreddit.

When in a co-op vs. AI game, bot accounts will pick Akshan, buy Doran’s Shield, run over to the wolves camp in the jungle, and use the champion’s Heroic Swing ability to continuously zoom around the neutral camp without dying or going AFK.

In a recent update, Akshan’s Heroic Swing was changed so that he can swing around and around without stopping, unless he runs into an enemy champion or is hit by crowd control. This way, Doran’s Shield gives Akshan some early sustain and tankiness to continue spinning around without taking lethal damage from the camp.

As a result, the other players are forced to play out the game four-vs-five, which is a hassle for real players who are trying to get their accounts to the level threshold necessary to access other game modes like ranked solo queue. Luckily, Riot’s senior design lead Jordan “BarackProbama” Checkman responded to the accusations, saying that the devs are looking into that situation.

Many players are hopeful that this new exploit will be removed in a future hotfix or patch.

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